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Bugin Rugs Deluxe
Our Deluxe Bugin Rugs are one of our most popular ranges.
The unique detailed appliqué and embroidery feature our fun Bugin
characters while the elegant packaging makes them an ideal gift.
The Deluxe Rugs have soft luxurious pile on both sides and are
durable, machine washable and quick drying.


Bugin Rugs Everyday & Cot Playtime
Our Everyday Bugin Rugs lean more to the traditional side of design. 
They are popular for gifts and like the Deluxe Bugin Rugs they are equally
suited to being thrown out on the ground for a quick change as it is as a
pram accessory. Keenly priced our customers can keep one in the car and one under the pram and because they wash and dry so well there is no need to worry about them taking whatever your bub throws at them.