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Bugin Out & About Deluxe Nappy Bags 

The Chelsea Deluxe Satchel is our premium Out & about Nappy Bag.
The Chelsea Deluxe has a unique style all of its own. Adorned with
intricate Embroidery and Appliqué it is also full of well thought out
features including a zip out changemat that can be detached,
a range of internal compartments, pram strap, shoulder strap
as well as matching thermal bottle bag, dummy holder and
mobile phone case. This could well be where the ultimate
in style meets that required degree of practicality.

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Bugin Out & About Bag Buddy

The Bugin Out & about Bag Buddies are a fantastic fun gift. They are strong and sturdy for unique and practical identification of luggage, backpacks and satchels. 


Bugin Out & About Soft Grip Drink Bottle

The Bugin Out & about Soft Grip Drink Bottles are fun in design, made from BPA Free and rugged Stainless Steel. The unique soft Grip wrap-around makes this a perfecr drink bottle for toddlers little hands. The # Dimensional design means that it is both texturally interesting and eye catching for kids of all ages and their parents.