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Bugin Wear consists of a range of basic singlets, bodysuits and T-Shirts
each tastefully embroidered with one of our fun Bugin Characters.  
If you need a singlet that is versatile enough so it can be worn
under clothing but also cute enough to be worn alone in the
warmer weather then this is a range for you.

Unisex Short Sleeve Bodysuits
Great quality, 100% white cotton bodysuits with detailed yellow stitching and fun Bugin embroidered designs.

Sizes: 000, 00, 0, 1, 2

All items include single hanger
Unisex Envelope Singlets
Easy to wear, 100% white cotton envelope singlets withdetailed yellow stitching and fun Bugin embroidered designs.

Sizes: 000, 00, 0, 1, 2

All items include single hanger wear-tshirt
Unisex Crew Neck T-shirts
Easy to wash, 100% white cotton crew neck t-shirts withdetailed yellow stitching and fun Bugin embroidered designs.

Sizes: 000, 00, 0, 1, 2
All items include single hanger





All Bugin Bibs have a double layer of absorbent terry toweling and generous sizing.  
Our Large pullover bibs are ideal for wrangling your toddler and the Medium bibs
have a Velcro® adjustable neck, perfect for the young ones. Both sizings are
available in single or 2pks and feature a range of designs and colours.

1pk Large Pullover Bibs
Great size, 100% double layer Terry cotton, fun
embroideries and applique’s for boys and girls.
2pk Large Pullover Bibs


Fun Time Adjustable Bibs
Generous size, double layer of Terry Toweling with an easy fit adjustable neck featuring unique embroidery designs.


Medium Velcro Bibs
Absorbant, 100% double layer Terry cotton, fun
embroideries and applique’s for boys and girls.
1pk Medium Velcro Bibs
2pk Medium Velcro Bibs







Bugin Lopsy Legged Hooded Towels
Lopsy Legged Lucy, Lopsy Legged Sammy and Lopsy Legged Tommy
Hooded Towels are a unique design with intricate appliqué and
accessories. The thick and luxurious towel is a large 80 x 80cm
which means it provides ample coverage for 18mths to
5 years old. Bugin Bathtime Lopsy Legged Towels are
elegantly packaged in a clear plastic gift box.


Bugin My Little Hooded Towels
My Little Sammy, Little Tommy and Little Lucy towels are ideal
for newborns and older. While their older siblings get to stretch
their “Lopsy Legs” there is now no reason why the little
ones can’t get in on the fun...

My Little Sammy, Tommy and Lucy hooded towels
feature more age appropriate accessories,
smaller hood and 70 x 70cm towel size.


Bugin Facewashers
Bugin Facewashers are a matching story to the Bugin Hooded Towels. Featuring fun embroidered characters they are 24 x 24cm. A great gift, they are packaged in an elegant gift box.



Bugin Muslin Washers   
The Bugin Bathtime My Little Muslin Washers are beautifully embroidered and bound in Girl, Boy and Unisex designs.  Muslin is a fantastic Parent and Baby “friendly” fabric.  For Baby it is super soft and its’ supple nature means that it caresses and molds to more effectively clean Baby’s skin.  Parents will love using this product as it is reusable, made from natural cotton fiber and the fabric washes and dries extremely well getting softer and softer with each wash.

My Little Muslin Washers are packaged in an elegant gift cylinder of 9 washers. They make a fantastic, practical gift and the 24 x 24cm sizing makes them a perfect size for newborns and older.










Bugin Rugs Deluxe
Our Deluxe Bugin Rugs are one of our most popular ranges.
The unique detailed appliqué and embroidery feature our fun Bugin
characters while the elegant packaging makes them an ideal gift.
The Deluxe Rugs have soft luxurious pile on both sides and are
durable, machine washable and quick drying.


Bugin Rugs Everyday & Cot Playtime
Our Everyday Bugin Rugs lean more to the traditional side of design. 
They are popular for gifts and like the Deluxe Bugin Rugs they are equally
suited to being thrown out on the ground for a quick change as it is as a
pram accessory. Keenly priced our customers can keep one in the car and one under the pram and because they wash and dry so well there is no need to worry about them taking whatever your bub throws at them.










Bugin Out & About Deluxe Nappy Bags 

The Chelsea Deluxe Satchel is our premium Out & about Nappy Bag.
The Chelsea Deluxe has a unique style all of its own. Adorned with
intricate Embroidery and Appliqué it is also full of well thought out
features including a zip out changemat that can be detached,
a range of internal compartments, pram strap, shoulder strap
as well as matching thermal bottle bag, dummy holder and
mobile phone case. This could well be where the ultimate
in style meets that required degree of practicality.

bugin bag2


Bugin Out & About Bag Buddy

The Bugin Out & about Bag Buddies are a fantastic fun gift. They are strong and sturdy for unique and practical identification of luggage, backpacks and satchels. 


Bugin Out & About Soft Grip Drink Bottle

The Bugin Out & about Soft Grip Drink Bottles are fun in design, made from BPA Free and rugged Stainless Steel. The unique soft Grip wrap-around makes this a perfecr drink bottle for toddlers little hands. The # Dimensional design means that it is both texturally interesting and eye catching for kids of all ages and their parents.